GPU-based global illumination using CUDA

MNRT is a demo application I developed while working on my Diplomarbeit (German master thesis equivalent) about GPU-based global illumination. This page is a collection of links to content about MNRT.

Sponza scene by Crytek (rendered with MNRT)

Here is a list of posts I made about the development of MNRT:

05 Dec 2010 MNRT 1.00 Source Code and Documentation
07 Nov 2010 MNRT (Version 1.00)
24 Aug 2010 Illumination cuts and results
05 Jun 2010 Caustics Photon Map
02 May 2010 Adaptive selection of final gather sample points
12 Apr 2010 Photon mapping – first steps
06 Apr 2010 Texture Mapping and CUDA
28 Mar 2010 kd-tree construction using CUDA
14 Feb 2010 Interactive global illumination using NVIDIA’s CUDA