Terrain LOD Tool 0.3

26 Nov 2009

A new version of the terrain LOD tool is finished. It incorproates my WASDBehavior, in case you want a demonstration of that class. Here is the download link (requires Java Runtime Environment, Java3D):

This time it includes the combination of different hierarchy levels based on the current viewer position. Even a simple automatic update mechanism is implemented. Furthermore my fellow student Ralf Schönrock implemented an algorithm to compute the Delaunay triangulation of a given point set. I already added his algorithm. Therefore the tool should implement nearly everything we wanted.

Below you see a terrain consisting of 16.6k vertices in wireframe mode:

Terrain (~16k pts), Level 0, wireframe

The next image show the same terrain using both the combination of different hierarchy levels and the Delaunay triangulation.

16.6k pts => level combination => ~3.7k pts (22%)